About Us

Here at Hanson Art & Design we love to create!

We have passion for art, the environment and humanity. Sustainability and Social Responsibility are at the core of our principles that govern our business.

This website contains carefully curated products for artists of all abilities. We offer custom guidance for our customers to find the perfect products that fit their needs. Whether you are looking to just relax and doodle, or you are preparing an exhibition at a museum; we have solutions for all of your needs. 

We have access to tens of thousands of unique art supplies from all over the world!

We are adding new products to our website everyday. If there is something that you would like to see, please feel free to let us know.

We strive to provide all artists, whether this is their first painting or if they are showcasing a curated exposition at a museum, with education, and materials that bring more creativity into the world. Our carefully curated classes and art supplies are meant to bring out the joy that creativity brings to us all.

Hanson Art & Design is woman owned and operated

We works with all age groups and abilities, and specializes in corporate culture activities.