Abstract Painting - 2 hour Art Class

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Every Tuesday 2 - 4 PM EST

$20 per class !! 50% Discount Special

Each Class session is two hours long. Individual classes are normally $40 / session.

Have you have ever thought about creating an abstract painting? Do you like painting with intuition and emotion?

This studio class focuses on painting more freely and development of individual artistic process. With an abstract approach, we examine the principals of art, grow painting skills and work to recognize and release artistic bias. Beginner to Advanced artists welcome!

In this class we will explore a variety of historical abstract art and artists to help you understand some of the concepts behind non-representational or abstract painting. We will focus on finding what works for you as an artist, and what personal goals you would like to explore. During classes, we demonstrate drawing and painting intuitively. 

We like to try new things as a way to experience discovery and encourage you to work quickly without questioning your marks. We will help you on your progression of ways of applying paint and to form your ideas into an abstract composition.

 This class intended for:

  • Anyone who wants to explore abstract painting
  • Anyone who wants to strengthen and develop their own voice as a painter
  • Anyone interested in taking risks with their painting
  • Anyone who wants to have more confidence in their own way of painting

Note: It is recommended that you have some painting experience in acrylic or oil paint before taking this class.

Class Itinerary

Lesson 1 – Samia Halaby

Lesson 2 – Ozcay Sibings

Lesson 3 – Wissam Shawkat

Lesson 4 – Sarah Al Agroobi

Lesson 5 – Gerhard Richter

Lesson 6 – Helen Frankenthaler

Lesson 7 - Arshile Gorky

Lesson 8 - Philip Guston

Each Class session is two hours long. Individual classes are $40 per session.

Class packages can be bundled with 8 sessions for $250 more than a 20% savings!